[ncl-talk] getting global attributes of nc files

Will Hobbs Will.Hobbs at utas.edu.au
Fri Jul 25 00:34:42 MDT 2014


You can get the global atts. directly from a file, opened using add file():

> f = addfile(<filename>,"r") ;f can be treated as variable, with attributes the same as the files global atts

> fAtts = getvaratts(f)  ; all the global attribute names

;print the attribute names
> do i = 0, dimsizes(fAtts)-1
>   print(f@$fAtts(i)$)
> end do

Hope that helps


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Date: Friday, 25 July 2014 4:27 PM
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Subject: [ncl-talk] getting global attributes of nc files

HI NCL users,

I'm wondering if NCL has fuctions to get global attributes of nc files. I have found the following function to add global attributes:
fileattdef<http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Document/Functions/Built-in/fileattdef.shtml>        Defines global (file) attributes associated with a supported file<http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Document/Manuals/Ref_Manual/NclFormatSupport.shtml>.

Are there any functions to or other methods to deal with the problems?

Thanks  a lot!

Xiaoman Jiang
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