[ncl-install] [Fwd: Install issue for CygWIN.]

Mary Haley haley at ucar.edu
Wed Mar 24 10:59:58 MDT 2010


It shouldn't matter if NCL has all these extra packages built in.   
You don't need to have GRIB2, NetCDF, HDF4, etc. on your system in  
order to run a version of NCL that has all these capabilities built-in.

The only time it's an issue is if you have an OPeNDAP-enabled version  
of NCL. This version of NCL has OPeNDAP shared library dependencies,  
and you thus need to install OPeNDAP shared libraries in order to use  
this version of NCL. This doesn't matter for the Cygwin precompiled  
NCL binary, however, because we don't have an OPeNDAP version for  
that system.


On Mar 24, 2010, at 9:24 AM, Andrey Leskin wrote:

> Thanks for your quick response!
> I'll try to rebuild NCL with quotes.
> Yes, there is a reason for building NCL from source for Cygwin.  
> Your precompiled binaries include all unnecessary stuff, like  
> GRIB2, compression, etc. I need to build NCL only, without any of  
> these additional packages.
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> Subject: Re: [ncl-install] [Fwd: Install issue for CygWIN.]
> [Note to Dennis, Andrey is not subscribed to ncl-install.]
> I do not have a Cygwin binary ready for 5.2.0 yet. Maybe by  
> tomorrow, if anybody needs to try it.
> I'm hoping to release beta binaries for MacOS, Linux, and AIX  
> systems soon. They are all ready to
> go, but the system we have them hosted on has been dying unexpectedly.
> I think you can fix your problem by simply enclosing that line in  
> single quotes:
>   #define CtoFLibraries '-L/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4 -lg2c -lm'
> Is there a reason you need to build NCL from source for Cygwin?  
> Cygwin is the hardest system to
> build any software on. We have a precompiled binary for Cygwin.
> --Mary
> On Mar 24, 2010, at 6:08 AM, Dennis Shea wrote:
> Maybe he should try the beta 5.2.0?
> D
> From: Andrey Leskin <aleskin at scanex.ru<mailto:aleskin at scanex.ru>>
> Date: March 24, 2010 5:08:13 AM MDT
> To: "ncladmin at ucar.edu<mailto:ncladmin at ucar.edu>"  
> <ncladmin at ucar.edu<mailto:ncladmin at ucar.edu>>,  
> "shea at ucar.edu<mailto:shea at ucar.edu>"  
> <shea at ucar.edu<mailto:shea at ucar.edu>>
> Subject: Install issue for CygWIN.
> Good day!
> I'm trying to build NCL 5.1.1 from source code. I have a WinXP SP2  
> machine with CygWin 1.7.1 installed on it.
> Here's an issue, I've found during installation process. I'm  
> installing NCL without support of any additional libraries like  
> GRIB2, etc.
> I'm unpacking sources to my sources location. At this step there is  
> no makefiles nowhere (and it shouldn't be). After that I'm editing  
> CYGWIN config file at $NCARG/config to apply my changes fo C  to  
> Fortran libraries. So I change
> #define CtoFLibraries   -lg2c -lm
> to
> #define CtoFLibraries -L/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4 -lg2c -lm
> At this step everything seems to be ok. After that I run commands  
> to check if my system is recognized by NCL build environment.
> So I run the following commands:
> cd $NCARG/config
> make -f Makefile.ini
> ./ymake -config `pwd`
> These commands doesn't produce no output, so everything seems to be  
> ok. But if I take a look at makefile file, created, I see that
> CtoFLibraries defined variable differs from what I used.
> CTOFLIBS = -L/lib/gcc/1-pc-cygwin/3.4.4 lg2c -lm
> I have no idea where this "1-pc-cygwin" appeared.
> After running configure script, each makefile created has the same  
> CTOFLIBS variable.
> Unfortunately, with fatal errors for the linker, which can't  
> recognise -lg2c key.
> Could you provide me a solution for this problem? I checked all the  
> files for "1-pc-cygwin" in your source code, but found none. So  
> it's some kind of magic for me at the moment.
> Best regards,
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