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Fri Jul 29 13:54:16 MDT 2011

The modelers used the variable TS, which is the skin temperature
archived by the atmospheric model. This variable corresponds to
SST over the ocean and skin temperature over land. 6-hourly data
are available from the CCSM archives. They create a "true" SST
field which is simply equal to TS over the ocean, but over land,
it is based on linearly interpolating TS from coast to coast.
  (Thank you Ruby!)
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  On Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:52:21 -0400
   Jonathan Winter <jwinter at giss.nasa.gov> wrote:
   I have a quick question about the GCM SSTs used to drive the RCMs.
   Specifically, I'd like to know what CCSM field is used.  From what 
  can see on ESG, there is a monthly SST file:
  b30.030e.pop.h.SST.1870-01_cat_1999-12.nc.  I think that file is
  technically the temperature of the top 10m of the ocean though.  I
  know surface skin temperature from the atmospheric model is also
  sometimes used as a proxy for SSTs.  Does anyone know which file was
  actually used?  Thank you in advance for the help.

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