[mpas-developers] COMMIT CHECK: Branch Merge

Doug Jacobsen jacobsen.douglas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 13:25:19 MST 2012

Hello All,

I have been working recently on coupling MPAS-O to CESM. I currently have
it setup to where MPAS build's in a suitable method for CESM, and the Ocean
model can run within CESM (without being forced).

Several changes were made that were needed to be able to have MPAS build
properly for inclusion in to CESM. I want to merge the branch I have been
working under to the trunk before putting more work on the forcing side.
This way, we have a checkpoint on the trunk of a working version of MPAS
with the CESM.

Also, I think I won't need to make any more changes to the shared areas of
MPAS after this commit.

The branch in question is branches/ocean_projects/cesm_coupling. I'll
commit it on Wednesday if I don't hear anything about it, but any questions
or comments are welcome.

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