[mpas-developers] Test Cases Directory

Doug Jacobsen jacobsen.douglas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 13:51:48 MST 2011

Hello Everyone,

We are working on developing a suite of test cases for use with the ocean
core. Because of this, there is not a need for a testcases directory within
the repository to allow us to track these test cases. With the assumption
that all of the cores will eventually have some sort of test cases, it
might be useful to have this directory be shared, and possibly somewhere in
the trunk. This topic is open for discussion and we would appreciate
feedback on where this directory should be. With that in mind, there are
two current ideas for where this should live. The first would have the
following structure.

| - mpas
| - grid_gen
| - test_cases

The second method has the following structure:

| - mpas
|    | - src
|    | - graphics
|    | - test_cases
| - grid_gen

Any other ideas are more than welcome, but we would like to create this
directory relatively soon. Thank you for any input, and please let us know
if there are any issues or concerns with the creation of this directory.

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