[Grad-postdoc-assn] "Taking charge of your career" - the next NCAR Fellows Association Seminar

Valerie Sloan vsloan at ucar.edu
Tue Feb 27 11:08:01 MST 2018

Dear postdocs and grad students,

How do you have productive conversations with supervisors and mentors about
your career plans and the skills you would like to develop?  How do make
the most of your appointment at a university or at NCAR? Please join us for
the next Fellows Association Seminar on "Taking charge of your career".

Everyone attending is encouraged to share tips and experiences on how you
set personal goals, plan your professional development, and engage your
mentors and supervisors in achieving them.

We will also answer questions about the new Individual Development Plan
(IDP)  that NCAR/UCAR has recently begun providing postdocs. We hope that
you - and any graduate students - will use this tool to help you with
planning your career objectives and professional development needs.  IDPs
are now commonly being used in grad school and postdoctoral programs around
the country, and can be extremely helpful. You will find the form attached
to this email or it is dow loadable at (link to HR postdoc guidelines).

This seminar is open to all visiting grad students and postdocs as well!

Please join us for a Professional Support session on:

"Taking charge of your career"
hosted by Rebecca Haacker & Valerie Sloan
Tuesday, March 6th, 2 pm
FL3 - MMM Conference Room FL3-2072

​Attached are  PDF and Word document of the IDP for you to look over before
the meeting.  ​

​Mark your calendars!


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Valerie Sloan, Ph.D.
Director of the GEO REU Network &
Senior Higher Education Specialist
NCAR Education & Outreach
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
Email: vsloan at ucar.edu
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