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Hi all,

Please see the request for mentors from SOARS.


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Dear SOARS mentors,

It's that time of year again! Our next cohort of SOARS proteges are being
selected, and we're once again looking for mentors. If you are here this
summer and interested in volunteering for us again, we would love to have
you. As usual, we'll be looking for writing and computing mentors as well
as coaches and research mentors. If you are considering being a research
mentor, please know that mentoring teams are welcome and encouraged, as
they help to spread the work load and cover vacations and summer field
commitments.  I've posted the description of the mentoring types below in
case you're interested in trying a different opportunity!

If you are interested, please fill out our online application form:
 http://scied.ucar.edu/forms/volunteer-be-mentor or send me an email. I'm
happy to answer any questions.

We will be doing the matching through March, with mentor team meetings
through April. The program dates this year are May 20 - August 4.

Thanks again for being such a crucial part of the SOARS family. Have a
wonderful week.


Research Mentor

The research mentor works with the protégé on a research topic of mutual
interest. On average, a project mentor spends about ten hours per week with
a protégé discussing the project, guiding research, teaching scientific
methods, and helping the protégé with their research paper and
presentations. Research mentoring teams are welcome, especially if you have
travel plans during the summer period.

Writing Mentor

A writing mentor offers one-on-one feedback to their protégé on writing and
presentations. The writing mentor supplements the instruction protégés
receive in their weekly scientific communications workshop and spends about
two hours per week with the protégé.

Computing Mentor

The computing mentor helps the protégé learn the computing skills necessary
to complete their project. Mentoring includes providing one-on-one
tutoring, recommending resources and helping debug or troubleshoot code.

Coach (aka Community Mentor)

Each first-year SOARS protégé is assigned a coach. The coach meets
approximately once a week to help their protégé develop solutions to
troubling situations by helping them define the problem, envision the way
they would like things to be, and develop and implement steps to get there.

*Lorena Medina Luna, PhD *
*Education & Outreach Specialist*
NCAR Education and Outreach
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