[Grad-postdoc-assn] Our support in the wake of recent natural disasters

Rebecca Haacker rhaacker at ucar.edu
Fri Sep 22 08:32:21 MDT 2017

Dear all,

It has been a challenging couple of weeks, between the changes at NCAR,
hurricane Irma, and now hurricane Maria and the floods in Puerto Rico, and
the earthquakes in Mexico.

We are checking in with grad students and postdocs who have family in the
effected areas (that we know of) and stand by to help if you need anything.
Thank you for those of you in Florida who let me know you are ok.

Please reach out, even if you just want to chat. Please also be kind to
yourself; waiting to hear from loved ones or following the heartbreaking
media coverage is exhausting. Everyone at NCAR is supportive and won’t
judge at all if you are not getting much work done right now.

If you are not directly impacted I trust that you support your colleagues
who are. There are many ways to lend support, and we might reach out to
organize something as a group - once we know everyone's families are ok.

My cell is 303-478-4223 if you need anything.

Rebecca and the NCAR E&O/ASP team

Rebecca Haacker

NCAR Education and Outreach

Advanced Study Program

Office: 303-497-8623
Email: rhaacker at ucar.edu

Assistant: Diana Zucco, 303 497 1851
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