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Dear all,

Please see the announcement from Carolyn Brinkworth below. Please feel
 invited and welcome to the sessions she offers (independent if you are an
employee or visitor at NCAR) and/ or come by or call anytime my office as

Take good care,

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*Subject:* *Informal gatherings tomorrow*

Good afternoon, everyone.

You are receiving this email as someone who has been involved with either
the UNEION training, the LGBTQ group at UCAR, or have been involved in
diversity work at our organization. Please pass this message on to anyone
else who would be interested in joining us for the events below.

The Presidential election results have left many people in our community
feeling vulnerable and scared for the future. The outcome has many
different implications for many different people and their families,
especially for those of us with marginalized identities, and from different
countries of origin. The Office for Diversity, Education & Outreach wants
to offer to any of you who may feel let down, unsure, scared, or even
confused by these results the opportunity to come and talk to us to join in
community. We cannot promise that we will have all the answers, but we can
offer solidarity and support. Our offices are on the ground floor of Tower
B in the Mesa Lab - 186 and 190A - and our doors are open to anyone who
wants a place to chat in safety.

We will also be holding two informal get-togethers tomorrow, Thursday 10th
November, for anyone who wants to join us and your colleagues to discuss
fears, concerns, emotions, and reactions related to the election. We’ll be
holding one in the Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room from 10-11am, and another
down at Foothills in the FL1-EOL Atrium from 2-3pm. All are welcome,
regardless of political beliefs or affiliation. Participation grounded in
listening, support, and inclusion is encouraged.

Please know that the UCAR and NCAR management team values each and every
one of you, and we believe that everyone should feel welcome, respected and
included in our community. You will be hearing a lot over the coming months
about our plans for diversity and inclusion at our organization. We are
taking our commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive community very
seriously, and your presence, your contributions, and your many varied
identities and backgrounds are an essential part of making our organization
the best that it can be.

We hope that you will come and find us if you need support - not just
today, but any time. In the meantime, please take care of each other, and
be gentle with each other.

Carolyn & Kristen

Carolyn Brinkworth (Director for Diversity, Education & Outreach)

Kristen Luna Aponte (Equity & Inclusion Program Specialist)

NCAR Office for Diversity, Education & Outreach


Carolyn Brinkworth (she/her/hers)
Director for Diversity, Education & Outreach
National Center for Atmospheric Research


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