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Subject: Next Explorer talk: Please share with your friends and networks!
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Hi All,

Bruce Carmicheal's NCAR Explorer talk entitled '*Advanced Aviation Weather
Technologies: Keeping Us Safe In the Sky*" is coming up in a few weeks (Apr
16 & Apr 20). Please take a minute and help spread the word to you friends
and communities!

1) If you're a* Facebook *user you can share a link to one of the
Eventbrites. Here is the Saturday Apr 16 link:

and Wednesday Apr 20 Link:

(Pick one to share)

2)* Tweet *about it: use links above OR here is a really short URL pointing
to the NCAR Explorer Webpage: http://bit.ly/ncar-explorer


3) *Email the attached flyer to *your friends, book clubs, HOAs, kids'
teachers, etc.

I have seen Bruce's slides for this talk and they are full of pictures and
movies  - very general public appropriate - this will be a good event!

Thank you all!


(Yaga) H. Richter, PhD*

*Project Scientist II*, Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory (CGD)

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

P. O. Box 3000 Boulder, CO 80307   USA

Phone: 303-497-2613

Cell: 303 - 818 - 9883

E-mail: jrichter at ucar.edu

 Explorer Aviation Flyer_FINAL.pdf
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