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Subject: [Sercgeo] Join us for the upcoming workshop: Service-Learning in
Undergraduate Geosciences, April 20 & 21. Registration is now open.
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Dear Colleague,

We would like to encourage you to apply for the upcoming workshop:
in Undergraduate Geosciences* being held by the National Academies of
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington D.C.  on April 20 & 21. This
workshop will focus on what is currently happening in service-learning in
the geosciences and what can be learned from service-learning in other
disciplines. More details are provided below. Please feel free to forward
this to interested colleagues.

 *Service-Learning in Undergraduate Geosciences*
National Academy of Sciences Building, 2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington
April 20 & 21, 2016

Service-Learning has been cited as a high impact practice in the education
of undergraduates. There are many examples of undergraduate courses and
programs that incorporate service-learning or civic engagement, although
not all are explicitly labeled in this way or connected to others doing
similar work. The upcoming workshop will be a time to share examples and
learn from each other about using service to help undergraduates learn the
skills, techniques, approaches, and ways of thinking of the geosciences.

The workshop will discuss the role of service-learning in career
preparation, if service-learning has a differential impact on groups that
have been historically underrepresented in geosciences, and how to assess
student learning, among other topics. A summary of the workshop will be
released later this year by the National Academies Press and may inform
future NSF activities as well as serving as a resource for faculty.

There is no registration fee to attend.

You can pre-register for the event at

Additional information will be posted there when it is available.
Workshop Organizing Committee

*CATHY MANDUCA (CHAIR)*, Carleton College

*ANTONY BERTHELOTE*, Salish Kootenai College

*SUE EBANKS*, Savannah State University

*SARAH FORTNER,* Wittenberg University

*ARTHUR GOLDSTEIN, *Bridgewater State University

*EDWARD LAINE, *Bowdoin College (emeritus)

*JOHN SALTMARSH*, University of Massachusetts, Boston

*SUSAN SULLIVAN, *University of Colorado, Boulder

This workshop is sponsored by the  National Science Foundation.

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