[Grad-postdoc-assn] Let's hike a trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park!

Cyrus Abari abari at ucar.edu
Fri Jan 22 12:01:48 MST 2016

Dear fellow friends and colleagues,

David, Clay, and I thought we should probably organize a hike in the Rocky
Mountain national park. One option was to hit a trail with lots of snow so
we could do some snowshoeing together. Another option is to choose a trail
that doesn't require snowshoeing and is accessible in hiking boots. The 2nd
option seems to be a good starting point for us as the first outdoor group
activity this winter. So, why don't we get together at 10:00 AM on Sunday
Jan. 31st in front of the main door at the Foothills lab. David and I will
drive so we can accommodate 8 people (including the drivers). We both have
passes to the national park; each pass is good for one vehicle. To make
sure we have enough room for everyone, please follow the link below and let
us know if you are joining and, especially, if you have access to a car (in
case we need more cars) just add "(car)" in front of your name.


Since the hike will take about 2 hours or so feel free to pack a lunch or
snacks. If you are interested we can go for a post-hike meal and/or
(Sunday!) happy hour in Boulder.

Trail information:

Deer Mountain trail,

P.S.: It will be a  good idea to bring along a pair of traction cleats,
such as Yaktrax, in case there are ice patches or packed snow on the trail.
If you don't have them you can probably buy a pair for 15-20 bucks.


David, Clay, Cyrus

*Cyrus F Abari, Ph.D. *
*Postdoctoral fellow*

Remote Sensing Facility
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
3450 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, CO 80301
abari at ucar.edu
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