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Paula Fisher paulad at ucar.edu
Wed Oct 7 21:48:30 MDT 2015

Dear Postdocs,

Dr. Loren White is going on Sabbatical next year and looking for someone to
teach his classes while he is gone.  You can see Dr. White's email below.
I believe that by fall he means Fall 2016 and by spring, Spring 2017.

For ASP Postdocs, there would be funding to support your travel and housing
costs and your term would be extended by 4 months to accommodate the time
spent teaching.  In other words, we would stop the clock on your ASP
fellowship while you went to teach.

There may be opportunities for non-ASP postdocs as well; it just depends on
your project and funding.

If you are interested, please let me know.


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Subject: Re: Sabbatical from Jackson State University
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The senior level synoptic course (with lab) is normally taught in the fall
and the junior level dynamics course in spring. These are the two greatest
needs, although there is also a numerical methods course in the spring that
could be taught.

I think it would be confusing for undergraduate students to have a
revolving door of different lecturers from week to week. Having one person
in the fall and one in the spring however would be reasonable. Somebody
with expertise in numerical modeling of air quality would be a good match
to collaborate on research with Drs. Duanjun Lu and Kantave Greene during
their stay at JSU.

Dr. Loren White
Associate Professor of Meteorology
Jackson State University
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