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Anyone interested in helping out?  Please contact the school contact at the


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*This is a great outreach opportunity!*

Sixth grade science students at STEM Lab have been working in a curricular
unit, Asteroid Impact, in which teams are posed with the scenario that a
mile-wide asteroid will impact the state of “Alabraska.”  The students have
been asked to engineer an underground cavern to protect the 10,000,000
citizens from the un-inhabitable Earth's surface for one year.

Driven by this scenario, students have been exploring: general and
geological maps, the required size of the cavern to house people and
supplies, and geology of rocks present in the state in order to determine
the best location for construction of their cavern.

We are looking for experts in geology, geography, and emergency management.

They will be presenting their best solutions on *Friday, April 3rd, in two
sessions.* We would love to host 6-8 experts at each session. It is not
necessary to be present at both.

The times are *10:00am - 11:45am*  or  *12:15pm-2:00pm.*

If you are able to join us, please reply. And again, please pass this on to
colleagues and friends who may be interested.

Tracey Calderón
*cal002480 at adams12.org <http://adams12.org>*
STEM Coordinator
STEM Magnet Lab School

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