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Tue Apr 14 09:54:33 MDT 2015

Please see the email from Carolyn below and let her know if you can help.


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Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Chatting with a student re: careers
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Hullo folks,

I'm trying to find a couple of people who might be willing to talk to a
visiting student about careers. Larry has a BS in meteorology, and has
pretty broad interests, from climate stats to severe weather. He identifies
as mildly autistic, and feels he'd be really well suited for anything that
requires close attention to detail - particularly data analysis and quality
control. It sounds like his personality would actually be very well matched
with that. Is there anyone who might be willing to chat with him about what
such a job entails? He's going to be in town in the second week of May and
would like the chance to chat with someone for half an hour. I'll escort
him, so will make sure he keeps to time.

Please feel free to forward to any of your colleagues who might be
able/willing to lend a hand.



Carolyn Brinkworth
Director for Diversity, Education & Outreach
National Center for Atmospheric Research


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