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Subject: [CCSM-participants] NCAR Postdoctoral position: Ocean
biogeochemical modeling
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Conducts research on ocean biogeochemistry, including ventilation,
physical-biological coupling, metabolic processes, and plankton ecology.
Uses a combination of numerical models and observational data to study the
global ocean.  Emphasis on application and development of the ocean
biogeochemistry component of the Community Earth System Model, and
particularly eddy-resolving configurations.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in oceanography, physical, biological or
chemical sciences, engineering or applied math.  Marine ecosystem and/or
oceanographic modeling experience is highly desirable.  Strong written and
oral communication skills as well as an ability to work across physical and
biological disciplines are required.


Matthew C. Long
National Center for Atmospheric Research
1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO 80305 USA
303.497.1311 (W)
303.497.1700 (F)
650.575.7784 (M)

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