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The email address for Jia was wrong in my earlier email, so for any 
ideas for questions for the Career discussion please email Jia at 
jyue at ucar.edu.


Dear all,

Dr. Bjorn Stevens from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology 
(Germany) will be our next Thompson Lecturer, and will come to NCAR from 
*December 8th to 10th*. The agenda for his visit can be found on the 
NCAR wiki: 

He will give two seminars, one general interest one on "(Low) Clouds and 
Climate" at the Mesa Lab on December 8th at 11am, and a more specialized 
seminar on "Aerosol effects on marine boundary layer clouds?" at the 
Foothill lab on December 9th at 11am. We will also have two roundtable 
discussions with him, one on careers and one on science. To make the 
most of these discussions, please think about questions or topics you 
would like to talk about and send them to the moderators ahead of time 
(Jasper (jfkok at ucar.edu) for the Science round table and Jia 
(jyue at ucar.edu) for the Career discussion). On the evening of December 
8th, we will have a Potluck dinner at the Mesa lab with the speaker 
(starting at 5:30 pm). To facilitate planning, please let Alex 
(ajahn at ucar.edu) know if you'll come and if you'll bring someone 
(families welcome!) before December 3rd. And to make sure we have a good 
variety of food to eat, please list what dish you'd like to bring on the 
wiki, also before December 3rd: 

The rest of Bjorn Stevens visit will be devoted to individual meetings 
with postdocs at NCAR. These meetings (30 minutes long) are a great 
opportunity to meet renowned scientists. And even if Bjorn Stevens is in 
a very different field than you, don't be afraid to sign up, because the 
speakers we invite normally have a breadth of interests and can also 
offer you interesting insights on career development. So rush to sign up 
for a meeting, we only have 16 spots. You can sign up here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions,

The TLS Committee
Alex, Barbara, Chuck, Jasper, Jia, Lulin,


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