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Hi all,

Some of you might be interested in participating in this project.  
Jean's contact information is included below.  You may correspond 
directly with her if you wish to participate.


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Subject: 	UCS Scientist Speaking Out Project
Date: 	Wed, 26 May 2010 17:10:12 -0400
From: 	Jean Sideris <jsideris at ucsusa.org>
To: 	<paulad at ucar.edu>

Cindy Schmidt suggested I contact you about a project the Union of 
Concerned Scientists is working on. We've launched a project to educate 
the public regarding climate science in the wake of attacks against 
climate science and climate scientists in the media over the past 
several months. To that end, we hope to engage researchers to monitor 
media coverage and respond with comments on websites, letters to the 
editor, op-eds, direct communication with reporters, and to speak at 
local events. In short, we're hoping to elevate news coverage of climate 
change by raising the profile of the people who know the most about this 
issue -- real scientists doing real research. www.ucsusa.org/evidence 
For one particular piece of this work, we are pulling together of a team 
of scientists to respond to the comment section on online news articles. 
As you probably have seen, these can get flooded with contrarians and 
angry comments. Our press team has done some research on these and has a 
running list of articles that we think could really benefit from a 
scientist's voice. Not to get into a back and forth, but simply to be a 
voice of reason in that forum. We think the people reading (who aren't 
the ones commenting) would appreciate an expert's voice. Cindy thought 
you might know of some post-docs who would be interested.
We've put together an online forum where we post articles that could use 
a response, as well as resources and guidelines. I've got about 20 
scientists involved so far and would like to get that up to 40 or more. 
We'll see what happens and will adjust over time, but if you have 
thoughts on who might be interested, please either forward along my 
information or share their information with me and I can follow-up with 
more details and answer any questions.
Jean Sideris
Jean Sideris
Outreach Coordinator
Climate and Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists
Two Brattle Sq
Cambridge, MA 02238 
jsideris at ucsusa.org <mailto:jsideris at ucsusa.org>
www.ucsusa.org <http://www.ucsusa.org/>
Are you a scientist concerned about climate change? Become a member of 
the UCS Science Network and make your voice heard. Learn more at 
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