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This symposium may be of interest to some of you.

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> Subject: 	DISCCRS: Climate Change Research Symposium and Resources for 
> Early-Career Scholars
> Date: 	Tue, 30 Nov 2010 19:48:03 -0500
> From: 	Susan Weiler <weilercs at whitman.edu>
> To: 	Sheldon Drobot <drobot at ucar.edu>
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> Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research and Leadership Symposium
> *http://disccrs.org/disccrsposter.pdf
> 22-29 October, 2011
> La Foret Conference and Retreat Center
> Colorado Springs, CO
> Application Deadline: March 1, 2011
> Participation limited to 30 early-career Ph.D. scholars
> /Airfare and on-site expenses are supported through grants from NSF 
> and NASA/
> http://disccrs.org <http://disccrs.org/>
> As our understanding of climate change and its far-reaching 
> ramifications continues to grow, it is imperative for climate change 
> researchers to form strong collaborative bonds that reach across 
> disciplines and other boundaries. Every year the DISsertations 
> initiative for the advancement of Climate Change ReSearch (DISCCRS, 
> pronounced /discourse/) hosts a symposium for early-career climate 
> change researchers, Our goal is to catalyze international, 
> interdisciplinary collaboration, while laying the foundation for 
> dynamic, communicative collegial networks that are better-equipped to 
> understand and respond to the myriad challenges posed by climate change.
> During the week-long symposium, the 30 invited DISCCRS Scholars will 
> have the opportunity to present their research, hone interdisciplinary 
> communication and teambuilding skills, and discuss emerging research 
> and trends. Scholars will also have the chance to talk about the 
> societal and professional challenges involved in climate change 
> research, with each other and with established researchers invited to 
> serve as mentors.
> *Eligibility:* Ph.D. requirements completed between April 1, 2008 and 
> February 28, 2011. Applications will be reviewed by an 
> interdisciplinary committee of research scientists. *The selection 
> committee will favor applicants who plan to engage in 
> interdisciplinary research careers in any subject relevant to the 
> study of climate change, its impacts or its solutions.*We encourage 
> applicants from the *natural* and *social 
> sciences*, *mathematics*, *engineering*, and other fields, so long as 
> their research focus relates to climate change, its impacts or 
> solutions. Although the emphasis is on the U.S. research system, we 
> welcome applicants from all countries who are interested in learning 
> about the U.S. research system or connecting with U.S. 
> researchers. /Airfare and on-site expenses are supported through 
> grants from NSF and NASA/
> *Symposium application 
> instructions:* http://disccrs.org/application_instructions
> *In addition to our annual symposia,* DISCCRS provides online tools 
> for catalyzing interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration:* 
> http://disccrs.org/disccrsposter.pdf
> /Please display and distribute the poster as widely as possible!
> /
> *Online Ph.D. Dissertation Registry:* Join over 2500 climate change 
> researchers by registering your Ph.D. dissertation and adding your 
> abstract to our fully searchable database. You can also browse the 
> registry to see what other climate change researchers have been doing 
> recently.http://disccrs.org/register
> *Electronic newsletter:* With timely climate change job listings, news 
> stories, funding opportunities and more, *our weekly e-newsletter is 
> automatically provided to anyone who registers their 
> Ph.D. *Subscriptions are available by request.
> *Career Resources:* In addition to the registry, our website includes 
> a wealth of valuable resources for finding a job, developing your 
> professional skills, locating funding opportunities, crafting grant 
> proposals and more. http://disccrs.org <http://disccrs.org/>
> *DISCCRS Sponsors:* 
> _AAG <http://www.aag.org/>_, _AERE <http://www.aere.org/>_, _AGU 
> <http://www.agu.org/>_, _AMS <http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS/>_, _ASLO 
> <http://www.aslo.org/>_, _ESA <http://www.esa.org/>_, _ESS-ISA 
> <http://environmental-studies.org/>_, _STEP-APSA 
> <http://www.apsanet.org/content_4991.cfm>_, _TOS 
> <http://www.tos.org/>_, _USSEE <http://www.ussee.org/v2/>_ 
> *DISCCRS Funding:* 
> U.S. National Science Foundation <http://nsf.gov/>
> Collaborative Grant Numbers: SES-0931402 to the University of Oregon
> and SES-0932916 to Whitman College
> National Aeronautics and Space Administration <http://www.nasa.gov/>
> Grant number NNX10AJ53G to Whitman College
> *Contact:* info at disscrs.org <mailto:info at disscrs.org>
> *Organizers:* Ronald B. Mitchell and C. Susan Weiler

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