[Grad-postdoc-assn] Research Review at 10am (Thursday, 26th of February)

Cecile Piret piret at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 25 16:56:48 MST 2009

Dear postdocs and grad students,

Tomorrow, February 26th, at 10am we'll have our next Research Review  
where Mark Flanner will be presenting from the Mesa Lab. The meeting  
will be video-conferenced between FL1-2133, CG1-2655, and the Mesa  
Lab's Directors Conference Room. All ASP postdocs are expected to  
attend and other postdocs and grad students are invited to attend.  
Please arrive on time so the speaker(s) can begin on time to an  
attentive audience.

Our next review will be next month on Thu. 26 March, 10am.

Have a good day and we'll see you tomorrow!

Aase, Cecile, and Jacob
The Research Review Committee

Cecile Piret
Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe)
1850 Table Mesa Dr.
Boulder, CO 80305

tel: 1+ 303 497 2482

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