[Grad-postdoc-assn] ASP Seminar TODAY

Ethan Gutmann Ethan.Gutmann at colorado.edu
Wed Feb 18 12:15:12 MST 2009

Hi all,

Don't forget that the ASP seminar this month will be a change from the  
usual.  It will be this afternoon at 4PM in the Mesa lab main seminar  

Roger Pielke Jr will be presenting "Some Uncomfortable Knowledge About  
Climate Change"

Roger is an excellent speaker who usually presents ideas about climate  
change (and what we should and shouldn't do about it) that you  
probably haven't thought about before. As if that weren't enough, this  
seminar will be the test case for afternoon seminars.

There will be beer and soda in the Damon room after the talk, so come  
and let us know what you think about this seminar format!


ASP Seminar Committee (Chuck Bardeen, Ethan Gutmann, Xiaoli Luan,
Saewung Kim and Knut Waagan)

Roger Pielke, Jr will discuss some of his recent
research on climate mitigation and adaptation
policy, as well as the role of scientists in policy
and politics.  He'll discuss a number of issues that
raise uncomfortable questions about the state of
climate science and policy for discussion with the
ASP Fellows. 

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