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Kelley Barsanti barsanti at ucar.edu
Wed Jan 2 14:34:43 MST 2008

Dear All,

Happy New Year!

The Thompson Lecture Series (TLS) committee is soliciting *volunteers* 
for the committee and *nominees* for the next *two* Thompson Lecturers.

For more on the TLS and previous lecturers, please go to:

First-year post-docs are needed to join our committee.  We are fun, are 
expanding our CVs, and most importantly, are participating in a 
wonderful ASP event with a long history.  Please email me if you are 
interested (barsanti at ucar.edu).

You all are invited to submit one nominee for the upcoming Thompson 
Lecture Series.  Please note that we will be selecting speakers for the 
next two series, so your input is very valuable to us.

The process is as follows:  you submit nominations, we (TLS committee) 
post them on the Wiki, we hold an ASP social to discuss the nominees and 
then rank the nominees by a secret voting process, and finally we (TLS 
committee) present the ranking to Maura for approval.

Please peruse the website (link above) and read the attached memo from 
Maura before submitting a nomination.  Once you've settled on a nominee, 
please follow the guidelines below for submitting your nomination.

Technical guidelines for nomination:  Please submit the name and a short 
description of your nominee.  Short means 4-5 sentences, and should 
include things such as the nominee's research interests, current and 
past positions, outstanding accomplishments to the field and any 
personal insight you may have into the nominee that makes him/her an 
exceptional candidate. You are encouraged to provide a link to your 
nominee's website.  Please email your nomination to one of the TLS 
committee members listed below.

We hope you take this opportunity to take an active role in selecting 
the next two Thompson Lecturers and we thank you for your participation.

Feel free to email if you have any questions!

The Thompson Lecture Series committee

Kelley Barsanti (barsanti at ucar.edu)
Mary Hayden (mhayden at ucar.edu)
Jen Kay (jenkay at ucar.edu)
Gyuwon Lee (gyuwon at ucar.edu)
Andrea Sealy (asealy at ucar.edu)

Kelley Barsanti
Advanced Study Program/Atmospheric Chemistry Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research
3450 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, CO  80301

barsanti at ucar.edu
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