[Grad-postdoc-assn] ASP November social - potluck and sarau

Luciana Rizzo lrizzo at ucar.edu
Mon Nov 19 23:13:43 MST 2007

Hi everybody!

The November ASP social is coming! We'll have an international potluck 
at my house next Friday, November 30th, at 7 pm. We will also have a 
sarau, a get together where we can "express ourselves artistically" (see 
a "sarau" definition at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarau ).

Bring food/drinks from your home country and be prepared to share a 
"performance" if you are up to it! Everything counts: music, poetry, 
dance, anything. You may also bring CDs to help creating an 
international soundtrack for the party. For my part, I will provide some 
snacks, danceable Brazilian music, and set up a dancing floor! We will 
also have a grill.

Wow, potluck, sarau, dancing... This party will take the whole night! 
That's the Brazilian way to party!

My address is 3685 Madison Avenue, Boulder. It is south of Colorado Ave 
and 35th (Bound is the closest bus line). You can find a map at 

Please, let me know if you are coming and what you'll bring. Children 
are very welcome! RSVP via email, or at the wiki webpage I created for 
that: https://www.wiki.ucar.edu/display/GFPFA/November+ASP+social


Luciana Rizzo

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