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Kathleen Barney leeney at ucar.edu
Thu Nov 8 14:16:48 MST 2007


I think that's a great idea to archive the posts as well.
On that subject of archiving, Scott and I were talking this morning about
the possibility of placing forms that we commonly use on the web for 
easy access (for the postdocs only)
Such as the form that I am creating. Then just send them reminders for 
specific forms needed and then direct them to that web site.
I'm currently making up an electronic editable pdf form of that 
publication sheet that I started yesterday.
What do you think?


Maura Hagan wrote:
> Hi Scott-
>    Thanks for this. I thought that we were routinely posting jobs to 
> our "opportunities" site,
> but I see that it only contains links to other sites where such 
> archives are kept. I'd like
> to begin "filing" all of the announcements that we post and I think 
> that the Wiki is a good
> place to do this. Is it possible to add a link from our 
> "opportunities" page that reads
> something like "Recent NCAR Fellows Association Postings"? Your ideas are most
> welcome :) Thanks.
> --Maura
> At 1:46 PM -0700 11/8/07, Scott Briggs wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've placed a new career opportunity onto the fellows Wiki site.
>> https://www.wiki.ucar.edu/display/GFPFA/Career+and+job+announcements
>> If you know of other opportunities please feel free to add them to the Wiki.
>> Best,
>> Scott
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