[Grad-postdoc-assn] Grad/postdoc pub social tomorrow (Friday)

Mike Waite waite at ucar.edu
Thu Feb 22 09:57:26 MST 2007

Hello all,

just a friendly reminder from your unofficial social committee that 
we'll be having our monthly trek to the pub tomorrow night.  Come join 
us to celebrate the end of a short week, the possible return of 
spring/winter/spring/etc, and the addition of a new venue to our 
repertoire.  All are welcome: NCAR postdocs, grad students, partners, 
friends, etc.

When: tomorrow (Friday) evening, 6:00 pm -- ?
Where: The Walnut Brewery, 1123 Walnut St

Please RSVP to your favourite social committee member so we can reserve 
an appropriately sized table.  Hope to see you there!

Mike  waite at ucar.edu
Kristen  corbosie at ucar.edu
Tom  hopson at ucar.edu

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