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Subject: 	ASLA 06-19: 2007-2008 AGU Congressional Science Fellowship
Date: 	Fri, 8 Dec 2006 15:49:48 -0500 (EST)
From: 	Catherine O'Riordan <coriordan at agu.org>
To: 	adesai at psu.edu

  ASLA 06-19: 2007-2008 AGU Congressional Science Fellowship

  Consider using your scientific expertise to help create sound public
  policy by working in the U.S. Congress.  Applications are currently
  being accepted for the 2007 2008 AGU Congressional Science
  Fellowship.  The Fellowship provides an opportunity to play an active
  part in the U.S. policy process by spending a year (September through
  August) on the staff of a congressional committee or House or Senate
  member, advising on a wide range of scientific issues as they pertain to
  public policy.

  Applicants are sought who have a broad background in science and are
  articulate, literate, flexible, and able to work well with people from
  diverse professional backgrounds.  Applicants are not required to have
  experience in public policy, although such experience and/or a
  demonstrable interest in applying science to the solution of public
  problems are desirable. In their assignment, fellows will be doing a
  variety of work, some of which may be directly related to their training,
  but all of which will put demands on their scientific education. For this
  reason it is very important that prospective fellows have a broad
  background in science.

  AGU participates in the Congressional Science and Engineering
  Fellowship Program coordinated by the American Association for the
  Advancement of Science (AAAS). The AAAS program provides an
  outstanding orientation program and enables fellows to be part of a vast
  network of scientists working in Washington.

  All members of AGU who are citizens or permanent residents of the
  United States are invited to apply.  Though the program is aimed at
  early to mid-career geophysicists with a doctorate degree, there are no
  restrictions on age, educational or career level, or specific scientific
  background.  The selection process is highly competitive.  Over 20
  applicants vied for the 2006-2007 fellowship.

  Ph.D. candidates should be sure that work on their degree will be
  completed prior to the commencement of the program year since
  experience has shown that fellows do not have time to work on their
  thesis. Degree candidates should include among their references a letter
  from their adviser stating the status of their thesis and the anticipated
  date of completion. The Fellowship carries a stipend of up to $55,000,
  health insurance, plus travel allowance.  The deadline for applications
  is 1 February 2007.

  For further details and application instructions, visit the AGU Web site:
  http://www.agu.org/sci_soc/policy/congress_fellows.html or contact
  Catherine O'Riordan at +1-202-777-7501 or e-mail
  coriordan at agu.org.

  AGU members are also eligible to apply for Congressional Science
  Fellowships with the American Geological Institute
  (http://www.agiweb.org/gap/csf/index.html)  and the American
  Institute of Physics (http://www.aip.org/gov/cf.html).


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