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Sun Apr 14 13:04:10 MDT 2019

In the 8th call for application, the HPC Training and Research for Earth
Sciences (HPC-TRES) program will sponsor 4 fellowships on the topic “High
Performance Computing (HPC) for Earth System” on the following research
lines of the HPC-TRES scientific plan:

- "Fast GPU-based tsunami simulations and its application to probabilistic
tsunami hazard and forecast" (line B9, PI: A. Piatanesi, INGV-Roma1; info
email: alessio.piatanesi at ingv.it)

- "Development of parallel CFD solvers on Graphic Processing Units (GPU)
for the simulation of granular flows in volcanic environments" (line B7,
PI: T. Esposti Ongaro, INGV-Pisa; info email: tomaso.espostiongaro at ingv.it)

- "High-resolution global climate simulations" (line D2, PI: J. Von
Hardenberg, CNR-ISAC-Torino; info email: j.vonhardenberg at isac.cnr.it)

- "Development and optimization of a three-model chain (RegCM-CHyM-CA2D) to
estimate the climate change impact on the flood hazard for the Euro-CORDEX
region" (line C6, PI: F. Giorgi and E. Coppola, ICTP; info email:
giorgi at ictp.it - coppolae at ictp.it)

For more info on HPC-TRES:
More info on the research lines covered in this call (B7, B9, C6, D2)
please refer to the Scientific Plan, which can be found on the HPC-TRES web

For more info on application: https://www.inogs.it/en/node/1560 and email
to: concorsi at inogs.it
Deadline: May 2nd, 2019


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