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Meteorology Product Manager

  *   Meteorology
  *   Boulder, CO, USA
ClimaCell<http://www.climacell.co/> develops cutting-edge technology for analyzing and forecasting the weather. But to positively impact our clients, we have to find ways to get our data into their hands in ways that help their business. Translating weather data to actionable information and finding ways to convey it to our clients is one of the most important keys to our success!

As a Meteorology Product Manager, you'll work independently but in very close collaboration with the technical teams in the company, as well as with our clients. You're the bridge which helps us align our technical roadmap and capabilities with client needs, and most importantly you discover and develop the ways in which our data can help impact them. You directly inform and contribute to the development of our client-facing products and services by bringing a strong technical/meteorological background, and experience understanding how weather impacts businesses and the potential for better data and forecasts to provide value to our clients. Our ideal candidate will already have some private sector experiencing developing products powering weather services and be familiar with Agile software development and delivery principles

What it takes
*        BS in atmospheric science or extensive background working in the weather industry
*        At least 4+ years of work or research experience in atmospheric/climate/oceanic or related sciences, with a preference for environments focused on operational meteorology
*        At least 2+ years of work experience in product development in the private sector
*        Familiarity with Agile development principles is a strong plus
*        Thorough understanding of meteorological data products available from public and private data sources, including their technical underpinnings
*        Knowledge of industry standards regarding the storage, dissemination, access, and use of weather data across different stakeholder groups in the public and private sectors
*        Ability to articulate a vision for integrating weather data into products specialized for client use cases in different industry verticals - this includes the resourcefulness necessary to understand those clients' business use cases and what data will help their business goals
*        Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to condense and translate complex meteorology/engineering/science details in such a way that non-technical stakeholders can understand them

Bonus points

*        Experience in both the private and public weather sectors
*        Some familiarity with how numerical weather prediction techniques are used to produce weather forecasts
*        Experience working hands-on with traditional weather data products and services, especially visualization tools
*        Background/experience working with Python - especially to access and manipulate weather data products or other APIs
*        Familiarity (at a high level) with how cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Project or Amazon Web Services work and how software is developed and deployed on them

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