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Emissions Characterization of Emerging Contaminants
Project number:





Air and Energy Management Division


Stationary Source Branch

Brief description of research project:

This research is focused on emissions characterizations from stationary and mobile sources with an emphasis on emerging contaminants and alternative fuels. In addition to emissions characterization from large-scale sources, this research will involve validating, modifying, and applying methods to assess experimental endpoints, with the potential to assist in new instrumentation/technologies for measurement of emissions from emerging contaminants (e.g. ethyene oxide [EtO] and condensible particulate matter). The ability of the individual to understand aerosols, combustion, and measurement technologies coupled with the ability to operate many instruments (including data reduction and analysis) will be a key part of the participants role in the research team. A source emissions specialist is needed to perform measurement and monitoring of emerging contaminants as well as those from emerging alternative fuel technologies. The individual would assist in development of new measurement technologies and instrumentation, conduct research on the quality of existing methods and metrics, and characterize emissions from many sources at lab-, pilot-, and full-scale. To a lesser extent, this person will also work with our partners to help broaden the understanding of these emerging contaminant emissions and their impacts on human health and environment. The participant will have the opportunity to publish and present findings to many research communities, at conferences and through internal presentations within EPA.

Geographical location of position:

Research Triangle Park, NC

High priority research areas:

Ethylene Oxide (emerging contaminants) and Biomass/Alternative Fuels

Scientific project area:

Air and Energy (A-E) and/or Safe and Healthy Communities (SHC)

Educational requirements:

Ph.D. in engineering (mechanical, environmental, or chemical is preferred), physical science (chemistry, physics, atmospheric science/aerosols, or spectroscopy is preferred), or related discipline.

Specialized training and/or experience preferred:

The following is a list of skills and/or experience that would be considered favorable for an interested candidate/applicant: 1. Understanding of aerosol science and general combustion processes; 2. Ability to conduct independent research on the impacts of emerging contaminants and alternative fuels on human health and the environment; 3. Ability to collect, reduce, analyze large data sets, including operation of many novel instruments and technologies (list of instruments/techniques necessary to conduct this research program are given below) from studies focusing on emissions characterizations from traditionally-fueled, as well as alternatively fueled combustion sources, including EtO; a. EC/OC analysis b. EPA Method 4, 5, 17, 18 and TO-15 c. Aethalometer d. SMPS e. Extraction of filters for use in health related assays f. Xact640 g. CEMs for: NOx, SOx, CO, O2, CO2 4. Ability to conduct impactful literature searchers to assist in manuscripts development and writing; 5. Possess the communication and personal interaction skills necessary to work on a large multidisciplinary team, but also be self-motivated and able to work independently; and 6. General understanding of emissions control technologies (for multiple source applications) for reducing and/or mitigating gaseous and particulate emissions.

Projected duration of appointment:

3 years

Paid relocation to EPA work location:


Application Period Open Date:

Apr 03, 2019

Application Period Close Date:

May 02, 2019

Scientific contact/Principal Investigator(s)*:

Tiffany L. B. Yelverton, yelverton.tiffany at epa.gov<mailto:yelverton.tiffany at epa.gov>, (919) 541-9456

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