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Dear all,
Ocean Networks Canada at UVIC is currently hiring a Scientific Data
Specialist.. Please see the following links of the posting:
UVIC: https://uvic.mua.hrdepartment.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/4062
ONC: http://www.oceannetworks.ca/scientific-data-specialist-pea-regular
Below is an excerpt from the posting.

Angela Schlesinger

Job Summary

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is a world-leading organization supporting
ocean discovery and technological innovation. ONC is as a not-for-profit
society that operates and manages innovative cabled observatories on behalf
of the University of Victoria that supply continuous power and Internet
connectivity to various scientific instruments located in coastal,
deep-ocean, and Arctic environments. ONC’s cable arrays host hundreds of
sensors distributed in, on and above the seabed along with mobile and land
based assets strategically located, instruments that address key scientific
and policy issues (subsea earthquakes and tsunamis, ocean acidification,
marine biodiversity, etc.) within a wide range of environments.

The Scientific Data Specialist is responsible for the development of
sophisticated data products, including verification and quality assessment
of real-time and archived data. These data products enable scientific and
non-scientific users to understand, interpret and analyze the information
collected via the instruments on the network operated by ONC.
Job Requirements

The Scientific Data Specialist will have a Master’s degree in Earth and
Ocean Sciences or related field and 2-3 years of experience working with
data from oceanographic instruments, or the equivalent combination of
education and experience. Essential qualifications include excellent
problem solving and interpersonal skills as well as a strong quantitative
and technical background in relevant fields.

The following knowledge and experience is required:

   - experience developing data products using computational and data
   analysis/visualization packages such as Matlab, R, IDL and Mathematica or
   their public domain equivalents
   - experience with time series and spatial analysis
   - excellent skills in quantitative data validation
   - knowledge of scientific data formats/standards such as netCDF, HDF,
   SensorML or other XML-based formats used in Earth and Ocean Sciences
   - proven ability to take projects from conception to completion
   - experience with relational databases, modelling and simulation, and
   using query tools such as SQL

Moreover, the following characteristics would be desirable:

   - practical experience in R, C/C++ or Java, XML or HTML and scripting
   - some experience with handling or maintaining oceanographic instruments
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