[ES_JOBS_NET] Ad for 3 positions at University of Miami/CIMAS: 2 software engineer, 1 satellite radiance assimilation sci.

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Header: Two software engineer positions and a satellite radiance assimilation position at University of Miami/CIMAS

I would like to advertise three new positions at the University of Miami/Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies. These positions will support NOAA's Quantitative Observing System Assessment Program (QOSAP).

For further information and to apply, please click on the links below.

Software engineer<https://um.hodesiq.com/job_detail.asp?JobID=5557101&user_id=&ViewAll=>: The incumbent is expected to design, develop, support, and maintain the state-of-the-art numerical weather OSSE software systems, with focus on the generation, validation and calibration of global and regional “nature run” (i.e. numerical weather prediction model) datasets, custom data analysis applications, databases, and analysis systems projects.

Software engineer<https://um.hodesiq.com/job_detail.asp?JobID=5557094&user_id=&ViewAll=>: The incumbent will develop and integrate systems for applications on various components of the OSSE systems, primarily the simulation of conventional and satellite observations for global and regional OSSEs.

Assistant Scientist<https://um.hodesiq.com/job_detail.asp?JobID=5557073&user_id=&ViewAll=>: The incumbent will be responsible for the simulation and use of current and proposed satellite radiance observations to improve weather forecasts, including quantifying the impact.

Thanks for your assistance.

Karina Apodaca.

Karina Apodaca, PhD.
Theoretical and Applied Data Assimilation Scientist, RSII
Colorado State University/Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
RM 114
Foothills Campus
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1375
(970) 491-8304

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