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Are you looking to the get a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary graduate program
that focuses on urban environmental challenges? Consider applying to the
Boston University Graduate Program in Urban Biogeoscience and Environmental
Health (BU URBAN), an NSF-funded research traineeship (NRT) that trains
Ph.D. students to address urban environmental challenges. This NRT program
trains Ph.D. students using an interdisciplinary approach that fuses
Biogeoscience and Environmental Health, with an emphasis on data analysis,
field research methods, and engagement and communication with policy
makers, the private sector, and the broader community.

Trainees design research projects whose results are scientifically
transformative and useful for decision-makers. Research topics include, but
are not limited to, assessments of greenhouse gas fluxes, evaluation of air
and water pollution, and understanding the threats to human health from
urban heat waves or other extreme weather events. Trainees participate in
workshops focused on science communication, research methods, and city
governance and conduct internships with government offices,
non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and/or the private sector.

Participating faculty from the Biogeoscience Program (Departments of
Biology and Earth & Environment) have expertise in biogeochemistry in
terrestrial and aquatic systems, microbial and plant ecology, hydrology,
geomorphology, biogeophysics, and remote sensing. Participating faculty
from the Department of Environmental Health have expertise in epidemiology,
exposure science, risk assessment, and toxicology, with applications that
span air pollution and climate change, chemicals in soil, water and food,
as well as non-chemical hazards such as noise, heat, and social stressors.

If you are interested in applying, apply to one of the participating
departments: Biology, Earth and Environment, Environmental Health, or
Mathematics and Statistics, and mention your interest in the BU URBAN
program. Please see http://sites.bu.edu/urban/apply/ for more information.

Contact Laura Schifman (Program Manager; Schifman at bu.edu) or Pamela
Templer (Program
Director) with any questions.
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