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Graduate Student Opportunities in Ocean Deoxygenation at University of Victoria
We are seeking two motivated PhD or MSc students to study ocean deoxygenation at the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria (Victoria, BC, Canada).  These student positions will be part of an international team (OxyNet) working to analyze the trends and drivers of ocean oxygen loss. Oxygen declines have been observed globally and are especially acute at mid-depths in the North Pacific, where they affect aquaculture and fisheries.   Prospective students should be bright and self-motivated with good communication skills.  We are looking for students with the ability to think logically, to work independently, and to go into the field to collect oceanographic samples.
One student will analyze data from oxygen sensors on profiling Argo floats and moored devices, combining these data with high quality chemical measurements of discrete water samples, to quantify patterns and trends in the data. Strict calibration and data validation protocols need to be developed and implemented for these autonomous sensors in order to use their data for this purpose. This student would also develop methods to quantify productivity rates from these calibrated oxygen sensor data and apply those methods to basin-wide data. A strong attention to detail, some experience with analytical chemistry, and good math / computing skills are an asset.  For this position, contact Dr. Roberta Hamme at rhamme at uvic.ca<mailto:rhamme at uvic.ca>
A second student will use numerical models in combination with several biogeochemical datasets to explore the processes leading to ocean deoxygenation in the Pacific Ocean.   The model will be used to identify and quantify contributions to local variance at a number of time-scales. The sensitivity of ocean oxygen loss to these different drivers and resulting future projections will be explored. This student will require strong interest in quantitative fields such as Physics, Mathematics or Systems design. Experience in time-series analysis in an asset. For this position, contact Dr. Debby Ianson at ianson at uvic.ca<mailto:ianson at uvic.ca>
Applications are due at University of Victoria by 15 February for full consideration. International students should take the GRE and may need to demonstrate English proficiency through tests like TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB.

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