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1)  Earth Scientist, Cloud-Aerosol Interactions via Data Analysis & Modeling


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is recruiting an innovative
early career scientist interested in inter-disciplinary research associated
with developing new scientific insights into the lifecycle of organic
aerosols and their impact on cloud properties using data analysis and
modeling tools. This involves having a deep understanding of microphysical
processes of liquid, ice, and mixed-phase clouds and how those processes are
perturbed by aerosols. The candidate is also expected to be familiar with
organic gas- and particle-phase chemistry associated with the formation,
growth, and aging of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) since and their effect
on cloud condensation and ice nuclei (CCN & IN). You will be expected to
have an understanding of how aerosol properties affect cloud formation and
lifetimes, absorption and scattering of light, and how meteorological
processes influence the aerosol lifecycle. A strong grasp of aerosol mixing
state, transport over multiple scales, and fate via wet removal and dry
deposition of particles is desirable. Hypotheses regarding new process-level
understanding of cloud-aerosol interactions will be evaluated within a
multi-scale modeling context and rigorously evaluated using a wide range
meteorological, chemical, and aerosol field campaign measurements. Knowledge
of measurement uncertainty and its effect on the interpretation of model
predictions is important.

You will be expected to work as part of a team of scientists at PNNL with
experience in both measuring and modeling aerosols. Ultimately, you will be
expected to develop your own hypotheses and execute a research plan that
addresses those hypotheses.





2)  Atmospheric Data Analyst


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is recruiting an early career
scientist interested in developing new scientific insights into the
initiation, organization, dynamics, and microphysics of convective cloud
populations. You will be expected to work as part of a team of scientists
investigating convective clouds, with a long-term goal of using new
observational, theoretical and modeling insights to improve representation
of convection and microphysical processes in both high resolution regional
and global models. Specifically, you will be expected to apply modern
statistical and computational methods to analyze large data-sets from
observations (e.g. radar, satellite) and models (LES, regional-scale, global
climate) to understand cloud-environment interactions that lead to
convective transitions. Two-way interactions of microphysical processes with
convective circulations such as updrafts, downdrafts, and cold pools on fine
spatiotemporal scales are of particular interest. The ability of multi-scale
models and variable complexity physics parameterizations to capture observed
cloud and environmental processes will be critical in predicting the
convective life cycle. You will identify sources of model biases through
innovative model sensitivity experiments design and evaluation. 

An ability to analyze large observational (e.g. radar, satellite) and model
(LES, regional-scale, global climate) datasets and to pose hypotheses that
tease out new insights from the large datasets is critical. Using data
assimilation techniques to constrain environmental conditions in models and
better represent cloud distributions is desirable. In collaboration with
others on the team, you may also contribute to analyzing the ability of
models to reproduce the observed impacts of convective clouds and
precipitation on surface properties, aerosol redistribution, and boundary
layer evolution with feedbacks to subsequent convective cloud development.




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