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Postdoctoral Associates: Interpreting ongoing sea-level rise and assessing and managing future sea-level rise and coastal flood risk

The Rutgers University Earth System Science & Policy<http://www.bobkopp.net/lab> lab is seeking two postdoctoral scientists to join its work on interpreting the drivers of ongoing sea-level rise and on assessing and managing future sea-level changes and coastal flood risks. The postdoctoral researchers will join a transdisciplinary, multi-institutional collaboration whose projections have been used by other researchers, by economic analysts, and by federal, state, and local stakeholders around the United States.

The fellows’ work will build upon existing frameworks for interpreting ongoing sea-level rise and projecting future sea-level change over space and time and its uncertainty. The fellows will work to combine multiple lines of evidence statistically to interpret and attribute ongoing sea-level rise. They will also work to Incorporate emerging knowledge – and existing deep uncertainty – regarding the future temporal evolution of marine-based ice sheets into projection frameworks, to integrate knowledge from paleo-sea level data into projections frameworks, and to develop a spatiotemporal model of coastal flood risk under uncertain future sea-level rise.

The fellows will have opportunities to work beyond academia: they will be able to work with Climate Central<http://www.climatecentral.org> to contribute to research and tools for communicating about sea-level rise and coastal flood risk and may have opportunities to work with stakeholders to ensure that projection frameworks generate actionable information. The fellows may also work with students in Rutgers' Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience<http://c2r2.rutgers.edu> NSF-funded graduate traineeship, who are developing use-inspired research projects aimed at improving understanding of coastal climate change risks and their management. They may also have opportunities to work with colleagues in the Climate Impact Lab<http://www.impactlab.org> to assess the economic implications of projected changes in flood risk.
Familiarity with sea-level or ice-sheet physics, strong writing skills, and the ability to program in MATLAB, Python, Julia, R or a similar environment are essential. The ideal candidate will have previously worked with MATLAB and with global climate model output and be familiar with Bayesian statistical methods and high-performance computing environments. Familiarity with spatio-temporal statistical methods and/or extreme value theory are beneficial. Candidates should be available to start during fall 2017 or winter 2018. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, contact information for three references, a writing sample, and a C.V. at apply.interfolio.com/43071<http://apply.interfolio.com/43071> by September 15, 2017.

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