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Can you please post the following announcement?  Thank you - Kristie

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Graduate Assistantships in Environmental Science and Environmental Health Science

Department of Environmental Science, Baylor University, Waco, Texas USA

The Department of Environmental Science at Baylor University is accepting applications for interdisciplinary M.S. and Ph.D. graduate assistantships. Students mentored by faculty in the environmental sciences at Baylor often engage in interdisciplinary research projects involving multiple faculty members from several departments. Faculty expertise includes air and water quality, climate change, environmental toxicology and chemistry, risk assessment, applied ecology, and ecosystem management.  Student research projects often integrate across multiple disciplines, involve laboratory and field studies, and examine factors compromising environmental and human health.  Job placement and presentation and publication records of environmental science students are excellent.

State-of-the-science laboratories, core research facilities, and instrumentation are available in the Baylor Sciences Building (www.baylor.edu/bsb<http://www.baylor.edu/bsb>).  Successful candidates will receive competitive stipends, health insurance and other benefits, including a full tuition waiver.

Application deadline for Fall 2018 is 2nd January 2018. Prospective students should contact graduate faculty mentors prior to submitting an application at: http://www.baylor.edu/environmentalscience/index.php?id=55219.

For more information, contact Kristie Curttright at Kristie_Curttright at Baylor.edu or Dr. Erica Bruce at Erica_Bruce at Baylor.edu.

Kristie D. Curttright
Administrative Associate
Environmental Science Department, Baylor University
One Bear Place, #97266
Waco, TX 76798-7266

Phone: (254) 710-3443
Fax: (254) 710-3409

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