[ES_JOBS_NET] Physical Scientist / Programmer in Detroit

Fry, Lauren M CIV USARMY CELRE (US) Lauren.M.Fry at usace.army.mil
Thu May 11 13:29:58 MDT 2017

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District Office of Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology has an open physical scientist position. We're hoping that this person can come in and help with a wide variety of coding tasks related to updates and improvements to our Great Lakes water level forecast programs, along with other miscellaneous forecast improvements.  An ideal candidate would be someone with strong programming skills, yet also a background in hydraulics/hydrology or atmospheric sciences, however we've left the announcement a bit more open so that we could consider other scientists with programming abilities but with other technical backgrounds.

The USAJOBS link for external candidates is:

Questions can be directed to either:
John Allis: (313) 226-2137, John.T.Allis at usace.army.mil
Keith Kompoltowicz: (313) 226-6442, Keith.W.Kompoltowicz at usace.army.mil

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