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Katrine A Gorham kgorham at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jul 12 16:49:48 MDT 2017

Staff Research Associate
UC Davis, Air Quality Research Center
Final Filing Date: 7/21/2017
Salary: $22.57 - $36.32/HR

Job Summary:
Under general supervision of the Air Quality Group Data and Reporting Manager, process, validate, and analyze particulate matter measurement data.

Department Description:
The UC Davis Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) is a growing interdisciplinary Organized Research Unit (ORU). Its mission is to facilitate research on the scientific, engineering, health, social, and economic aspects of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants.

AQRC analyzes particulate matter samples for the United States National Park Service (NPS) Interagency Monitoring for Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chemical Speciation Network (CSN). IMPROVE was established in 1985 to monitor visibility in the National Parks and Wilderness Areas, and AQRC operates over 150 air pollution sampling sites for IMPROVE, as well as analyzes samples, processes the analysis data, and delivers data to the NPS and EPA. CSN collects samples in an urban monitoring network with over 140 sites. For CSN, AQRC analyzes samples, processes the analysis data, and delivers data to the EPA.


*         Develop and expand the laboratory quality control procedures.

*         Develop long-term checks in the data validation process.

*         Devise statistical checks to identify outliers.

*         Identify ways to make the process efficient and effective.

*         Ensure that all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for IMPROVE are reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

*         Ingest data files from various sources into the SQL Server database.

*         Communicate with outside laboratories to obtain data and confirm receipt of data.

*         Assist in designing and writing the code to process the data.

*         Develop and use custom software to perform calculations and process the data.

*         Validate the sample data and quality control data using a variety of statistical and graphical techniques.

*         Deliver the data to both the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency in one to three month batches.

*         Validate and deliver data within one month of receiving a complete data set from the laboratories.

*         Perform data analysis, including data gathering, processing, graphical and statistical analysis, and reporting.

*         Apply scientifically valid techniques to understanding issues of measurement quality, uncertainty, trends, and patterns.

*         Write and update analysis protocols.

*         Assist senior and research staff in data analysis tasks as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:

-          B.S. Degree in Physical Sciences or Engineering including coursework in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, statistics, and calculus.

-          Experience working with environmental measurements, particularly air quality measurements.

-          Communication skills to effectively communicate progress, problems, and results verbally and in writing.

-          Experience identifying patterns in data and advancing possible explanations for the patterns that are consistent, meticulous, methodical, and detail-oriented.

-          Experience synthesizing large amounts of data into meaningful reports or statistics to identify patterns and outliers.

-          Knowledge and experience with mathematical and statistical concepts such as logarithms, distributions, and linear regression.

-          Experience with computer programming particularly R and Structured Query Language.

-          Interpersonal and communication skills to clearly, diplomatically and effectively interact with individuals of varying perspectives and backgrounds to research and secure information, resolve problems, and coordinate projects.
Preferred Qualifications:

-          Master's Degree in physical sciences or engineering.

-          Experience in the routine operations of a Relational Database Management System.

-          Experience working in a laboratory environment.

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