[ES_JOBS_NET] NASA Research Physical Scientist Position in Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

Bryan Duncan bryanduncan1968 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 04:29:26 MDT 2017

Research Physical Scientist Position, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Announcement open until July 26, 2017.

Please apply for this position through the USAJobs website:


Under Executive Order 11935, only United States citizens and nationals
(residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) may compete for civil
service jobs.


As Research Physical Scientist, specializing in Atmospheric, Chemistry
and Dynamics, you will conduct research related to the Earth's
stratosphere and troposphere; global multi-dimensional modeling of the
composition of the Earth's stratosphere and troposphere; modeling of
the interaction between atmospheric composition and climate;
understand the processes that control tropospheric ozone; utilization
of satellite data to test existing models; utilization of model
results to improve retrieval by satellite sensors; contribute to the
interpretation of satellite measurements.

You will conceive and develop new, innovative and advanced models and
techniques to study the chemistry of the Earth's and other planetary
atmospheres including their structural, dynamical, radiative and
chemical properties. Specifically, you will study the coupling between
emissions, photochemistry, aerosol microphysics, and the Earth's
climate. Research will contribute to collaboratively expanding the
current configuration of global coupled chemistry/climate models at
Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), to include other components of the
Earth's system, such as the ocean and the biosphere.

You will develop significant aspects of models that are designed to
reproduce the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere to facilitate
scientific understanding of the behavior of the atmosphere. Identify
weaknesses in the models and identify ways to advance and improve
atmospheric models. You will make significant contributions in the
development of models and techniques that are capable of accommodating
new and unanticipated analytic requirements and processes.

As a recognized expert in Earth science, specifically atmospheric
chemistry, you will perform highly complex and difficult data
analysis, which includes utilization of highly specialized
instruments, instrumentation systems, equipment, models, computer
programs and statistical analysis techniques. You will serve on
important committee assignments of professional groups and is
qualified to speak responsibly on technical matters in his or her area
of expertise within and outside of NASA to share scientific findings
and results.

You will provide leadership on complex issues or problems relative to
the Earth system where new analytical techniques and models must be
developed to identify and evaluate findings, as well as conducts
integrated analysis and interpretation of the data collected from
satellites to test the validity of existing models.

You will review, advise on, and conduct complex analysis and
development studies designed to enhance scientific understanding of
the chemical, dynamic and radiative processes which regulate the
spatial and temporal distribution an abundance of active troposphere
and stratospheric gases as well as aerosols.

You will contribute to ongoing and future efforts in the Earth
Science's division toward defining observation requirements for future
satellite, suborbital, and ground based missions to continue
observations of the Earth's atmosphere. You will utilize Earth System
models toward defining mission requirements and participate in
defining and implementing aircraft campaigns.

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