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Dear ES_JOBS list:

The California Air Resources Board has a vacancy in the Transportation
Planning Branch.  Job description is pasted below.  More details about the
position, including how to apply, can be found here:


Please distribute to qualified candidates.  If you have questions about the
position, I can put you in touch with the hiring manager.



Annalisa Schilla, Ph.D.
California Air Resources Board
Research Division
Office: 916.322.8514

Job Description and Duties

The Transportation Planning Branch (TPB) has an opening for an Air
Resources Engineer to support multi-pollutant transportation planning and
policy development to meet California’s air pollution and climate change
goals. The successful candidate will be part of a team that integrates
highly technical analyses with policy considerations to help inform
transportation policy development.  The candidate will conduct
transportation-related technical analyses which feed into important ARB
projects including evaluation of regional transportation plans (RTPs) and
sustainable communities strategies (SCSs), and critical planning efforts
such as the State Implementation Plan (SIP), Scoping Plan, and Freight Plan
to name a few.

The Transportation Planning Branch works with local and regional planning
agencies throughout California to encourage adoption of aggressive plans
and policies that reduce GHG emissions from vehicle travel.  Staff
evaluates the Regional Transportation Plans/Sustainable Communities
Strategies (RTP/SCSs) developed by Metropolitan Planning Organizations
(MPOs) to determine whether the SCSs could meet the GHG reduction goals
established by ARB.  Staff performs highly technical and advanced
transportation planning tasks including reviewing the tools used by MPOs,
providing expertise in travel demand modeling and forecasting, and
assessing the relationship between transportation, land use and
environmental impacts.  In addition, staff actively participates in
inter-agency technical advisory committees that develop modeling guidelines
and design statewide travel survey to understand travel behavior.

ARB is seeking an Air Resources Engineer for its Sacramento office with the
necessary skills and expertise to contribute to the implementation of SB375
in a strong team environment within the branch and across the agency.  The
selected candidate will be responsible for applying engineering concepts,
and analytical skills to evaluate key inputs and assumptions in various
tools used by MPOs to develop SCS.  This will require proficiencies and
experience in travel demand forecasting including model development and
applications.  In addition, they should also demonstrate capabilities to
conduct complex geospatial and statistical data analysis of large datasets.
The candidate will also be responsible for developing new quantification
methodologies for assessing the impact of various innovative transportation
policies/technologies on emissions.
Desirable Qualifications
In addition to evaluating each candidate's relative ability, as
demonstrated by quality and breadth of experience, the following factors
will provide the basis for competitively evaluating each candidate:

We are looking for a candidate that possesses all of the following:
familiarity with local land use planning processes and policies;
familiarity with regional transportation planning processes and policies;
ability to conduct technical evaluations of RTPs/SCSs; ability to develop
technical reports and policy documents; ability to communicate complex
technical and policy information clearly and concisely for management,
stakeholders, and the general public; demonstrated ability to work
cooperatively with teams in and outside of an organization; excellent
organization, written and oral communication skills; ability to work under
pressure within time constraints; and ability to travel occasionally for
meetings.  In addition to evaluating each candidate's relative ability, as
demonstrated by quality and breadth of experience, the following factors
will provide the basis for competitively evaluating each candidate:

The ideal candidate will possess scientific and policy experience in
transportation planning and mobile source emissions.  The strongest
candidate will have significant experience in statistical analysis to
examine travel data, proficiency in travel demand modeling software (CUBE
and/or TransCAD) and other tools used by the MPOs; ability to use databases
(MS Access, SQL) and programming (R, Python); Working knowledge of ArcGIS;
Coursework and a graduate thesis involving innovative travel modeling
techniques is highly desired; excellent writing and communication skills;
knowledge of the transportation planning process, policy, programs and
projects; experience in running mobile source emission inventory models;
experience performing analyses with limited information; ability to
generate high-quality products in short timeframes; gain a comprehensive
understanding of ARB programs; be able to explain difficult concepts and
calculations in less technical language.  The most competitive candidate
will also be highly motivated and enthusiastic with strong work ethics,
will possess the ability to interact effectively with people at all levels
of management, and travel and work overtime occasionally.
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