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Florida International University's Southeast Environmental Research Center =
(SERC) is seeking to fill two post-doctoral researcher positions in the are=
a of analytical environmental chemistry, aquatic chemistry and/or biogeoche=

The primary objective of the post-doctoral researchers will be to oversee t=
he operations of the CREST-Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CA=
ChE) analytical facility, supervise the technical staff conducting routine =
analysis, develop new analytical methods and contribute to the training of =
graduate and undergraduate students in traditional and novel analytical tec=
hniques for environmental applications. The appointment is for one year but=
 renewable based on performance and grant funds availability.

The NSF-funded CREST program at Florida International University, the Cente=
r for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CAChE) promotes interdisciplinary =
research among faculty from multiple departments, such as Biology, Chemistr=
y, Earth & Environment, Public Health, and Computer Sciences.  The research=
 focus of CREST CAChE is to address the sources, transport, transformation =
and ecosystem responses to contaminants, excess nutrients, pollutants and o=
ther natural stressors, under changing land-use and environmental condition=
s. The proposed work will be performed across three landscape transects whi=
ch are characteristic of the interwoven systems of South Florida: natural, =
agricultural, and human/urban.

CREST CAChE will specifically research the Subprojects listed below.

*       Advanced sensing of environmental exposure to anthropogenic contami=
nants, excess nutrients, pollutants and other natural stressors

*       Quantifying fate and transport of contaminants across three landsca=
pe/system transects

*       Data analytics, interpretation and visualization to assess the effe=
cts on South Florida's aquatic ecosystems and convey findings to policy- an=
d decision-makers

*       Discipline based education research.

The CREST CAChE analytical facility conducts a number of traditional chemic=
al analysis under NELAC accreditation including nutrients, bulk chemical co=
mposition (C, N, P), total and dissolved organic carbon, and pigments. Enha=
nced instrumentation is in place or being installed for the development of =
additional capabilities in support of research and education (Ion chromatog=
raphy, Liquid chromatography (PDA), Fluorescence Spectroscopy, ICP/MS, micr=
oscopy GC/MS and LC/MS). The post-doctoral associates will lead method deve=
lopment, implementation, training and data analysis and reporting for new t=
echniques required in support of the research program and newly created cen=
ter. Workload for this position may require travel between FIU campuses and=
 across the South Florida landscape including the Greater Everglades Ecosys=
tem.  The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry also operates the Advanc=
ed Mass Spectrometry Facility (ms.fiu.edu<file:///C:\Users\gardinal\AppData=
\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\ms.fiu.edu>) and collaborative work among the CREST=
 Cache participants, the post-doctoral researcher and the facility is expec=

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV and the names of three references =
to gardinal at fiu.edu<mailto:gardinal at fiu.edu>.   For more information, pleas=
e email Dr. Piero Gardinali at gardinal at fiu.edu<mailto:gardinal at fiu.edu>.

Salary range $47,000 - 50,000.

Starting date October 1st, 2016.

FIU is a Carnegie engaged public research university, classified as R1 high=
est research activity, and offers more than 180 bachelors, masters and doct=
oral programs. FIU is the largest majority minority RI institution in the U=
S, with a student population of over 50,000. FIU is a vibrant, student-cent=
ered public research university, ideally located in Miami, that is worlds a=
head in its commitment to learning, research, entrepreneurship, innovation,=
 and creativity so that our graduates are prepared to succeed in a global m=
arket. CREST CAChE is a joint venture between FIU's Institute for Water and=
fiu.edu> (InWE.fiu.edu) and the STEM Transformation Institute<file:///C:\Us=
ers\gardinal\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\stem.fiu.edu> (STEM.fiu.edu).
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