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Mon Oct 31 16:47:37 MDT 2016

The Air Quality Program at the Department of Ecology is looking to fill an Emission Inventory Specialist (Environmental Specialist 3) position.

Responsibilities of the Emission Inventory Specialist position include: participating in technical efforts to improve the emission inventories, researching scientific literature for the latest developments in emission inventory methodology associated with, among other things, ozone formation and fine particulate, assisting the regulated community with point source emissions reporting, and helping to ensure the availability of state of the art emission inventories for use by regulatory agencies for such things as complex regional air quality models which are crucial to successful air quality management.

Required Qualifications:

A Bachelor's degree involving a major study in environmental, physical, or one of the natural sciences, or environmental planning AND two (2) years of professional level experience in environmental analysis or environmental planning.

A Master's degree in one (1) of the above fields will substitute for one (1) year of the required experience.


A Ph.D. in one of the above fields will substitute two (2) years of required experience.


One (1) year of experience as an Environmental Specialist 2, provided that a Bachelor's degree in one of the above fields has been attained.

Desired Qualifications:

*         Able to program computer scripts to perform complex calculations, change data formats, and process large amounts of data. Takes initiative to research issues, seeks out and uses tools (such as computer models) and other data sources, and initiates work projects.
*         Experience with computer models designed to estimate pollution and/or environmental conditions through user inputs.
*         Experience using GIS systems (such as ArcGIS) to spatially allocate and display environmental data.
For more information and to apply, please see the full job announcement<https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/washington/jobs/1566296/emission-inventory-specialist-environmental-specialist-3>

Morgan Gilchrist
Human Resource Consultant
Department of Ecology
(360) 407-6983
mogi461 at ecy.wa.gov

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