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Faculty in the Department of Geology at Kent State University are seeking MS or PhD students to conduct research focused on biogeochemistry, environmental geochemistry, mineralogy, and black shale geochemistry. Available projects and faculty mentors are described below.

Environmental Geochemistry/Biogeochemistry: Dr. Elizabeth Herndon (eherndo1 at kent.edu<mailto:eherndo1 at kent.edu>) is seeking graduate students to conduct research related to human impacts on environmental geochemistry and biogeochemical cycles (http://elizabethherndon.weebly.com/). Projects include a combination of field work, laboratory experiments, and analytical and spectroscopic analyses. A strong background in chemistry is recommended. Recent projects include:

  *   Investigating metal and nutrient cycling in arctic and subarctic environments
  *   Influence of vegetation on soil geochemistry and solute transport
  *   Mineral-organic matter associations in soil environments
  *   Concentration-discharge behavior in human-impacted streams

Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry: Opportunities are available to work with Dr. David Singer (dsinger4 at kent.edu<mailto:dsinger4 at kent.edu>) in the Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry Lab (https://sites.google.com/a/kent.edu/dsinger/).  Research involves laboratory and field experiments on the fate and transport of trace metal in the environment, with a focus on water-energy systems.  Experimental work includes Synchrotron-based X-ray experiments.  Recent projects include:

  *   Metal speciation and distribution in the Marcellus shale
  *   Transformations of iron (oxy)hydroxides in acid mine drainage settings
  *   Soil development on coal mine tailings
  *   Ion sorption and diffusion into mesoporous materials

Geochemistry of Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs (UOGs)/Mass Extinctions

Dr. Jeremy Williams (jwill243 at kent.edu<mailto:jwill243 at kent.edu>) is seeking graduate students to conduct research related to the Permian-Triassic Extinction and black shale geochemistry related to UOGs. Potential projects require utilizing various geochemical techniques (major, trace, and rare earth elements and stable (C, N, S) isotopes) and analytical instrumentation (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence, Elemental Analyzer-Isotope Mass Ratio Spectroscopy, and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy. Potential projects include:

  *   Reconstruction of marine depositional paleoenvironments of the  Permian-Triassic extinction
  *   Reconstruction of depositional paleoenvironments of UOGs.
  *   Understanding post depositional processes for UOGs.
  *   Understanding the Carbon-Sulfur-Nitrogen systematics of black shale environments.
  *   Investigating environmental impacts of black shale weathering
  *   Impact of stray gas contamination from UOGs on shallow water aquifers

Interested students should have a background in geology, earth science, chemistry, hydrology/water resources, or civil and environmental engineering. Strong applicants will have a solid academic record (> 3.5/4.0 GPA, >70th percentile on GRE) and previous research experience. Applicants not meeting these criteria will also be considered based on a strong research background. Interested students should contact their prospective advisor by December 15th, 2016. Please indicate your academic background and research interests, and include a current resume. Completion of a formal application through the Graduate School is required by January 15th, 2015, and information on this process can be found at http://www.kent.edu/geology/applying-graduate-program.

Successful applicants will join the Department of Geology at Kent State University in August 2017 (Fall Semester). Support will be a combination of teaching and research assistantships (including tuition). The Department of Geology has over 30 active graduate students and provides analytical facilities maintaining a wide variety of recently acquired instruments (https://www.kent.edu/geology/facilities). More information on the Department of Geology can be found at: http://www.kent.edu/geology/index.cfm.

Elizabeth M. Herndon

Assistant Professor

Department of Geology

Kent State University

email: eherndo1 at kent.edu

phone: 330.672.3656
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