[ES_JOBS_NET] Post-doc incorporating shrubs in Canadian Earth System Model (CanESM), Victoria, BC, Canada

Melton, Joe (EC) joe.melton at canada.ca
Tue May 24 17:37:54 MDT 2016

NSERC Visiting Fellowship in terrestrial modelling at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and

Analysis, Victoria, BC, Canada

The Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCma, www.cccma.ec.gc.ca<http://www.cccma.ec.gc.ca>), part of
Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to develop and
implement a new parameterization of shrubs in the land surface component (CLASS-CTEM) of the
Canadian Earth System Model (CanESM). Shrubs represent an important vegetation type in the high-
latitudes and semi-arid/arid regions. Both of these regions are expected to undergo dramatic changes
under projected future climate change. Incorporating shrubs will require modifications to several
relevant land surface physics and biogeochemistry components of the CLASS-CTEM modelling
framework including parameterizations of shrub height as a function of shrub biomass, snow
loading/unloading and burial under snow, the physical structure of shrubs, albedo, photosynthesis,
competitive interactions, and root structure. This work is key to the development of a more realistic
representation of carbon cycle feedbacks and land surface processes in this leading earth system model.

The position will be based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on the campus of the University of
Victoria and is expected to start sometime during the Fall of 2016. While previous experience with land
surface components of climate models is highly desirable, more so the applicant should have the ability
to rapidly gain an understanding of physical and biogeochemical processes from the existing scientific
literature and be able to develop mathematical parameterizations for implementation in a modelling

The hiring will be administered by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
(NSERC, www.nserc.ca<http://www.nserc.ca>) under their Visiting Fellowship (VF) in Canadian Government Laboratories
programme. The NSERC Visiting Fellowship is currently valued at CDN $50,503 per year or higher,
based on relevant professional experience. The position is available for three years with the initial
hiring for one year with follow-up years contingent on acceptable performance. Interested candidates
are requested to contact Dr. Joe Melton (joe.melton at canada.ca<mailto:joe.melton at canada.ca>) or Dr. Vivek Arora
(vivek.arora at canada.ca<mailto:vivek.arora at canada.ca>) with a one page cover letter and a copy of their Curriculum Vitae before June
30th, 2016. The short-listed candidates will then be required to formally apply through the NSERC's
online system as well as be available for a phone or in-person interview. The position is open to
Canadian and international applicants. Please see NSERC's web site (http://www.nserc-
crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PD-NP/Laboratories-Laboratoires/index_eng.asp) for more details on
eligibility requirements and the application process. Chosen applicant(s) who are approved by NSERC
as well as who successfully interview will then be contacted to confirm their acceptance of the
fellowship offer.

Joe Melton, PhD
Research Scientist
Climate Processes Section
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Tel: 250-363-8227
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