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Tue May 24 10:30:40 MDT 2016

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*Satellite Imagery Internship (London), United Kingdom*

Statement of purpose/project:

Define a methodology for rapid extraction of urban areas from satellite imagery that can be used for exposure development/downscaling in support of our coming up East Asia Earthquake and Typhoon models.

Define a methodology to extract flood extent from satellite imagery.

*         Develop a procedure in ENVI/ARCGIS that extracts the urban extent and flood extent from the raw satellite imagery;
*         Test the methodology on different geographies (Asia/Europe/US);
*         Research metrics to assign dominant occupancies to defined scales (VRG).

Required Skills:
*         Candidate pursuing MSc or PhD with focus on Remote Sensing and GIS;
*         Hands on with image classification and image processing techniques;
*         Knowledge of geospatial statistics;
*         Hands on experience with off the shelf software such ENVI and ArcGIS;
*         Programming languages (IDL, python);
*         Research-oriented;
*         Ability to work independently.

*         About the Internship:

The RMS Pinnacle Internship (PI) programme will be held during the summer of 2016. This is a paid internship. The start date is 27th June and the programme will run for 12 weeks.


Did you know there's a 5% chance that a hurricane will cause $60 billion of insured losses next year And there's a 1% chance that an earthquake will cause $50 billion of insured loss in the next 12 months? We do. At RMS, we build the simulation models that allow insurers and investors to understand portfolio risks due to catastrophes: natural catastrophes (hurricane, earthquake, flood), terrorism, pandemic, and changes in life expectancy.

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RMS is an equal opportunities employer.

To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter on our website: http://www.rms.com/careers/job?req=16319&title=PI2016%3A%20Satellite%20Imagery%20Internship%20(London)

Share with a friend<http://www.rms.com/careers/job?req=16319&title=PI2016%3A%20Satellite%20Imagery%20Internship%20(London)>
- See more at: http://www.rms.com/careers/job?req=16319&title=PI2016%3A%20Satellite%20Imagery%20Internship%20(London)#sthash.KH7Wowc5.dpuf
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