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Dear all,

The Earth Surface Dynamics group at ETH-Zurich (http://www.esd.ethz.ch/) invites applications for a PhD position in tectonic geomorphology/geochemistry.

Project Title: Evaluating the role of coseismic landsliding on unsteady erosion and the sedimentary cycle in mountainous landscapes: A case-study of the Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal

Duration: 36 months

Start date: As soon as possible, but no later than July1st 2016

Project description: This project will assess the role of earthquake triggered landsliding on unsteadiness of erosion and sediment transport in tectonically active mountain belts. The PhD project will consist of two complementary components. The first is a case-study of the geomorphic consequences of the April, 25th 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha earthquake that caused widespread landsliding in Central Nepal. The central focus of this portion of the project will be to continue an ongoing investigation of terrestrial cosmogenic radionuclide (TCN) inventories in fluvial sands collected from river basins affected by the earthquake before, immediately after and for several years following the earthquake. The student will combine TCN signals with remotely sensed data (satellite and drone imagery) to track and quantify changes in geomorphic processes delivering sediment to river channels in response to the earthquake and the monsoonal climate. The second component of the project will involve modeling changes in TCN concentration over long timescale assuming a variety erosion processes. This component of the project will expand our understanding of the effects of earthquake triggered landsliding on TCN signals over millennial timescales and will elucidate the role of earthquake-triggered landsliding on spatial patterns of erosion at the orogen scale. The student selected for this project will join a dynamic team of researchers and will gain experience conducting field work, preforming laboratory analyses, and modeling.

The PhD will be supervised by 2 ETH faculty members: Dr. Maarten Lupker and Dr. Sean Gallen

The department: The Department of Earth Sciences at ETH-Zurich hosts world class research and laboratory facilities and is consistently ranked as one of the top Earth Science research programs in the world. Facilities specific to this project are a cosmogenic preparatory laboratory within the department and accelerated mass spectrometry (AMS) facilities run by the Department of Ion Beam Physics at ETH to measure isotopic concentrations. With more than 15 different research groups spanning topics from climate dynamics to Planetary and Deep Earth Geochemistry the ETH-Zurich Department of Earth Sciences Department provides the ideal environment for numerous interdisciplinary interactions. More information on the Department of Earth Sciences can be found on our website (https://www.erdw.ethz.ch/en/).

Qualifications: The student must hold a Masters Degree (M.S. or equivalent) in geology, earth sciences, or similar field. Preference will be given to individuals who can begin in the spring of 2016 so that they can participate in a field season before the Monsoon season (usually June).

Application: Applicants should submit a cover letter that states their research interests and specific interest in the position, a 1-page curriculum vitae, unofficial copies of Bachelors and Masters Degree academic transcripts, and at least three references to contact for letters of recommendation. Applications should be written in English, compiled into a single pdf and emailed to Dr. Maarten Lupker (maarten.lupker at erdw.ethz.ch<mailto:maarten.lupker at erdw.ethz.ch>) and Dr. Sean Gallen (sean.gallen at erdw.ethz.ch<mailto:sean.gallen at erdw.ethz.ch> ). Applicants do not need to communicate in German, but it is an asset. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Sean Gallen and Maarten Lupker
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