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Subject: Graduate Research Assistantship (PhD) in Remote Sensing Ecosystem

The Department of Geosciences at Boise State University currently has an=20=

open graduate research assistantship (GRA) starting summer or fall 2016=20=

to study the response of northern peatland ecosystems to increased=20
temperature and elevated atmospheric CO2 with remote sensing. This=20
project is supported by DOE=92s SPRUCE experiment. This exciting project=20=

will provide the student an opportunity to better understand how a=20
changing climate will affect the vulnerable boreal peatland forest while=20=

gaining skills and methods to monitor changes with lidar and optical=20
remote sensing. Seasonal repeat measurements with remote sensing will be=20=

made to monitor leaf area, aboveground biomass, canopy heights, and=20
ground inflation/deflation at the SPRUCE experiment. A canopy=20
transmittance model will also be developed. The GRA will have the=20
opportunity to interact with SPRUCE collaborators, present at national=20=

meetings, and become part of the Boise State University Boise Center=20
Aerospace Laboratory (BCAL) remote sensing team.=20

We seek a highly qualified student with a strong quantitative science=20
background and eagerness to utilize geospatial tools for ecosystem=20
science. The ideal candidate will have a recent MS degree is ecology,=20
forestry or equivalent nature resources discipline, strong statistics,=20=

programming, and geospatial skills.=20

The GRA provides a full PhD stipend, health insurance, and tuition for=20=

Boise State University. Boise State is Idaho=92s largest university and i=
a metropolitan research university of distinction situated in the=20
capitol of Idaho.

To apply: email a 2-page CV, unofficial transcripts, along with a cover=20=

letter explaining your interest to Dr. Nancy Glenn=20
(nancyglenn at boisestate.edu).

For more information on BCAL: http://bcal.boisestate.edu/ and the DOE=20
SPRUCE experiment: http://mnspruce.ornl.gov/project/overview
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