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*Staff Scientist*
STAR LLC-Boulder, CO

STAR (Science and Technology in Atmospheric Research) LLC has an 
immediate opening in Boulder, Colorado for an experienced scientist with 
a strong background in numerical weather prediction (NWP) modeling and 
data assimilation. The candidate will lead existing projects, provide 
oversight to more junior scientists, and will contribute to various 
areas of business development, including writing and reviewing proposals 
for a diverse set of applications. The candidate must feel comfortable 
in a multitasking project environment, working with a variety of clients 
and collaborators that range from US and foreign governments, 
universities and private industry.

The successful candidate will feel comfortable working with models such 
as the WRF and others, and will generally be well-versed in the 
strengths and limitations of NWP models, and also possess experience 
working with a variety of surface and upper air observation systems such 
as fixed and mobile surface stations, profilers, radar, and lidar. A 
strong understanding of the principles and applications of data 
assimilation methods – and preferably hands-on experience with DA 
techniques, is strongly desired. Knowledge of the Global Statistical 
Interpolation (GSI) system will be a plus. In addition to weather 
modeling, it is desirable for the candidate to understand, or have 
worked with, a variety of transport and dispersion (T&D) models such as 
HPAC/JEM and Lagrangian particle models. Especially strong candidates 
will have experience with models that encompass the mesoscale down to 
urban scales of motion. Creativity and the ability to generally “think 
out of the box” are highly valued traits to the organization. 
Responsibilities will also include program/budget management, project 
direction/oversight, customer relations, and program development.

Must have Masters, but preferably a PhD, in a Meteorology, Atmospheric 
Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Physics or 
Mathematics, or equivalent, totaling 10+ years of work or school 
experience.. Must exhibit excellent verbal and written communication 
skills, and must be able to work in a collaborative, fast paced, team 
environment. Dependability, initiative, and ability to solve problems 
both as part of a team and as an individual performer is a must. Must be 
able to obtain a SECRET security clearance.

DESIRED SKILLS: Experience in Numerical Weather Simulation and 
proficiency with FORTRAN. Knowledge of Python and one or more scripting 
languages (bash, C-shell, etc.) is also desirable.

TRAVEL: Attend technical reviews and professional conferences, 
estimated< 10%.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  * Science: 5 years

Required education:

  * Master's

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