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*Post-Doctoral Scientist: Ecosystems & Global Climate*
Environmental Defense Fund11 reviews 
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POST-DOCTORAL SCIENTIST: Ecosystems and International Climate
Environmental Defense Fund

Washington, DC or Boulder, CO

With a global population expected to reach 9 billion by mid-century, and 
a planet showing signs of stress from ecosystem degradation, there is a 
critical need to increase global food production while reducing the 
environmental and climate impacts of agriculture. Within EDF, both the 
Ecosystems Program and the Global Climate Program are engaged in 
projects to demonstrate the role that increased nutrient use efficiency 
(NUE) can play in meeting these needs. Demonstration projects in the 
U.S. (in corn cropping systems) and India (including rice and upland 
cropping systems) have shown that it is possible to improve the 
management of synthetic fertilizer in ways that enhance crop yield while 
reducing emissions of nitrous oxide (a powerful greenhouse gas), and/or 
leaching of nitrate (a significant contributor to local and regional 
water quality problems). Both Ecosystems and Global Climate now jointly 
seek a postdoctoral fellow to advance this work by investigating ways to 
use the full range of sensing technologies to track improvements in 
nutrient use efficiency (NUE) in agricultural landscapes.

Environmental Defense Fund seeks a recent Ph.D. recipient for a two-year 
postdoctoral fellowship, beginning as soon as possible. The successful 
candidate will play a leading role in convening an interdisciplinary 
effort to develop effective and scalable sensing technologies and 
systems which can be used to track changes in NUE at field, farm and 
landscape scale in diverse crop landscapes. Major responsibilities 
include: Complete and publish a comprehensive literature review of the 
state of the science and technology on remote sensing of direct measures 
(e.g. crop N uptake) and proxy indicators (e.g. soil N content) of 
NUE;Play a leading role in convening 2-3 expert workshops with top 
researchers in agronomy, biogeochemistry, plant and soil science, remote 
sensing and electrical engineering, as well as stakeholders such as crop 
producers and agricultural technology companies. These workshops will 
identify key science questions related to: 1) satellite-based remote 
sensing of direct measures or proxy indicators of NUE; and 2) the 
development of handheld or tractor-mounted instruments to provide 
in-season guidance to producers on maximizing NUE;Work with leading 
researchers and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive research roadmap 
to accelerate research and deployment of effective methodologies for 
tracking NUE at various spatial and temporal scales;Publish 
peer-reviewed articles that synthesize the findings of this 
collaborative effort.This position is for two years with a competitive 
salary and reports jointly to a Senior Scientist in EDF†s Ecosystems 
Program and a Senior Scientist in EDF†s International Climate Program. 
On-the-job training will be provided to familiarize the successful 
candidate with the programmatic context of the work and with specific 
issues in each program. The successful candidate will be based primarily 
either the EDF office in Washington, D.C. or the EDF office in Boulder, 
CO, but should expect to spend time in the other EDF office location and 
with academic/agency partners.

Complete and publish a comprehensive literature review of the state of 
the science and technology on remote sensing of direct measures (e.g. 
crop N uptake) and proxy indicators (e.g. soil N content) of 
NUE;Collaborate closely with EDF scientists and other program experts in 
planning expert workshops that will lead to new research directions, 
development and deployment of new technology, and/or publications in the 
peer-reviewed literature;Participate in EDF†s communications, advocacy 
and outreach about this topic to policymakers, agricultural 
stakeholders, donors, EDF members and others as directed.Publish in 
peer-reviewed journals, as lead or co-author, synthesis papers on 
environmental applications of remote sensing in cropping systems.

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