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The prestigious United States Geological Survey Mendenhall program is
recruiting a post-doctoral scientist in Ecological Flow research area.=20=

Research under this Opportunity is expected to address the question of ho=
to quantify the ecologically relevant spatial and geomorphic features of =
coupled natural and human river systems.=20=20

More description about the opportunity is listed below and can be found a=
Applicants should contact research advisers to develop a research proposa=

Research Advisors: Quan Dong, (970) 226-9175, qdong at usgs.gov; Jonathan
Friedman, (303) 541-3017,friedmanj at usgs.gov; Greg Auble, (970) 226-9448,
aubleg at usgs.gov; Ellen Wohl (Colorado State U), (970) 491-5298,
ellen.wohl at colostate.edu.
To apply, please go to: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/445865=
Proposed Duty Station: Fort Collins, CO
Application deadline: Wednesday 9/7/2016

Chief and Supervisory Ecologist
Aquatic Systems Branch
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Avenue, Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO  80526-8118
Voice:  970-226-9175
qdong at usgs.gov

S21. Ecological flows: Assessment of river hydrogeomorphic alteration and=

ecological impacts
Rivers are inherently dynamic. They vary spatially and temporally in wate=
quantity and quality, physical form and composition. Temporally varying
flows interact with the river channel and floodplain to create spatially
heterogeneous habitats that sustain river biota. Such variation in river
flow and form is fundamentally important to ecosystem structure and
function. However, built structures, land cover conversion, and other hum=
activities collectively dampen natural hydrogeomorphic variation, in the =
and worldwide. The compositions, spatial patterns, and dynamics of riveri=
hydroscapes have been re-configured by these domesticating processes with=

unintended consequences for aquatic populations, communities, and
ecosystems. River managers have begun to recognize the importance of natu=
flow variability for sustaining riverscapes. Yet, the equally important
roles of river morphology and geomorphic dynamics have been largely
overlooked in management and restoration. Inadequate consideration of
geomorphic dynamics, such as river channel evolution and sediment transpo=
has frequently limited the success of river restoration.
A vast knowledge gap exists in the quantitative understanding of how rive=
flows interact with river geomorphology to sustain ecological integrity, =
well as in the nature, spatial distribution, and degree of hydrogeomorphi=
alteration in our Nation's rivers. Most ecological studies have focused o=
streamflow and a few components of aquatic ecosystems. Few studies have
examined general patterns in the spatial configuration of hydroscapes at
national and regional scales. Better quantitative syntheses and predictiv=
models are needed to provide guidance for water management and aquatic
We seek a postdoctoral scientist to investigate impacts of water manageme=
built structures and social-economic activities on water flows, hydroscap=
structures, and aquatic ecosystems. Through the analysis and synthesis of=
variety of existing datasets, this study will develop data-driven concept=
models and advance scientific understanding of how hydrologic dynamics an=
geomorphic form interact to influence the ecological integrity of rivers.=

Key knowledge gaps that may be explored through research under this
Opportunity include spatial influences of novel, anthropogenic environmen=
on water flows and hydroscape dynamics and how critical parameters of
man-built structures and human activities (i.e., flow alteration) interac=
with other physical and biogeochemical processes to impact ecosystem
processes and hydroscape patterns at local, regional and national scales.=

Questions to be addressed may include:
1.=09What spatial hydroscape metrics are most sensitive to flow alteratio=
geomorphic alteration, and man-built structures?
2.=09How do flow alteration, geomorphic alteration, and built environment=
influence spatial heterogeneity and ecological connectivity, other
hydrologic and hydroscape parameters, their interactions, and the consequ=
ecosystem processes and patterns.
3.=09How do parameters of spatial heterogeneity, configuration of hydrosc=
and ecological connectivity influence riverine populations, communities, =
Candidates should have expertise in hydrogeomorphology, landscape ecology=
hydrology, ecology, or geography. Strong skills in spatial analysis would=
preferred although not required. Top candidates will have demonstrated
success working in interdisciplinary teams of researchers to synthesize
science from different fields. Projects incorporating interdisciplinary
collaboration are encouraged.
Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Advisors as early as
possible in the process to discuss project ideas.
Proposed Duty Station: Fort Collins, CO.
Areas of Ph.D.: Aquatic ecology, landscape ecology, hydrology,
geomorphology, geography, or related disciplines (candidates holding a Ph=
in other disciplines but with knowledge and skills relevant to the Resear=
Opportunity will be considered).
Qualifications: Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:=

Research Ecologist, Research Hydrologist, Research Biologist, Research
Geologist, Research Geographer.=20
(This type of research is performed by those who have backgrounds for the=

occupations stated above. However, other titles may be applicable dependi=
on the applicant's background, education, and research proposal. The fina=
classification of the position will be made by the Human Resources specia=
Research Advisors: Quan Dong, (970) 226-9175, qdong at usgs.gov; Jonathan
Friedman, (303) 541-3017,friedmanj at usgs.gov; Greg Auble, (970) 226-9448,
aubleg at usgs.gov; Ellen Wohl (Colorado State U), (970) 491-5298,
ellen.wohl at colostate.edu.
Human Resources Office Contact: James Easley, (303) 236-9557, jeasley at usg=
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